Information about the game:
Consept: Like Pocket Tanks and Scorch Earth.
Programming language: Visual C++ using GDI and MFC.
Gfx: Stig Berget and Mareth (Wizkid's girlfriend)
Music: Wizkid
Idea: Rune Rĝer, Tormod Strand and Lars Werner
Programming: Lars Werner

Development process:
Programming:  56%
Gfx:  3%
Music & soundeffects:  0%
Weapons:  6% (push the link to get a complete list over suggestions)
Special effects:  1%

Picture of the day:

(this picture are equal to where the development are)

MiniWar alpha 0.4: download here
DLL Files needed (place in same directory as miniwar): download here

Version info can be found here!

Last updated:
01.05.2003 23:44:39